Welcome to Spinzilla week. Never heard of it? It is a monster of a fiber spinning week. Here’s the skinny:


Spinzilla is a world-wide spinning event where competing teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week. There are 1,754 registered spinners this year. The goals are:

  • To raise awareness about the joy of spinning yarn by hand
  • To empower spinners to spin more
  • To connect spinners globally and locally
  • To support small business
  • To endow educational programs for the spinners and weavers of tomorrow
  • To spin enough yarn to reach around the globe in five years!

Officially, Spinzilla started at 12:01 this morning. Call me lazy, but I did not get up to ring in the week. I was sound asleep, resting by treadle foot, and mentally preparing for some early morning spinning. So after a shot of caffeine, in the form of ice tea, I am ready to start.

cvm roving

Bring on the alpaca. Bring on the mohair and CVM. No bamboo or silk or Merino is safe during Spinzilla. I’ll spin yarn full of “bling”. And yarn in natural colors. Thick yarn. Thin yarn. I’ll blanket the world in yarn!

art batts

Or, more realistically, I’ll spin about six or seven nice skeins of yarn. I was caught up in the moment there for a minute!

My goal is to spin at least two hours every day for the duration of Spinzilla, which ends on Oct. 11th.

You can follow along the whole Spinzilla revolution on Ravelry or FacebookAnd I’ll be blogging about it here and on our own Facebook page.

spinning wheel

But now, my wheel is calling.

I’m going in.