You know how they say the right right tool makes the job easier? I always sort of knew it was true. I believed it in theory. And then we discovered how to make our own Lavender laundry soap and I became a true believer!

laundry soap

If I were a poet, I would write entire poems about this soap. And long ones. Not just haiku.

We make it ourselves out of simple old-fashioned ingredients. Things your grandmother would have used. Like Baking Soda. And Borax. And Fels-Naptha Soap. Things that actually clean and whiten your clothes without a bunch of added stuff that does nothing but add chemicals to your wash water.

But don’t let its pretty, delicate face fool you. This is a workhorse detergent. We use it for all of our really dirty farm grime. It gets out tractor grease and unmentionable things from the pasture. Yet you can use it for your sheets and most delicate of washables. We even use it on baby clothes.


You may not hear angels singing when you use it, but I do.

One little scoop does your whole load. Really. You don’t need to pour the entire jar in to get clean clothes. One scoop. If you feel better doing it, make it a heaping scoop. But you don’t need to. Sometimes old habits of using tons of soap die hard. We understand that. But seriously, you don’t need more than the scoop.

And yes, you can use it in HE washing machines.

Want to be really popular? Give it as a gift. Your friends will shower you with thanks. It may even inspire you to write a poem or two.