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March 2016

Find us at the Flea

It’s only two weeks ’til Flea Season. No, no, no. Not the tiny creatures that land on the dogs type of Flea Season. Nobody in their right mind looks forward to that season.

This is much better. This is the Cleveland Flea – a once a month outdoor market that starts April 16 and runs through October. And we are proud vendors.

In the Flea’s own words, it is “Part urban treasure hunt. Part culinary adventure.” It is a “small business incubator that draws thousands of Northeast Ohioans to lesser-known neighborhoods in the city to shop curated vintage, culinary all-stars and the most talented makers in the region.”

But in one word, what it really is is Fun! More than 170 really cool vendors. Food trucks. Music. People watching. If you haven’t been to a Flea, you are missing a great part of the eclectic-ness of Cleveland.

Located in a parking lot off of Superior Avenue in AsiaTown, the Flea is typically held the second Saturdays of the Summer months from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The first Flea of the season is  April 16th. (Yes, I know. This one is the third Saturday. There’s always something that throws a wrench in the works isn’t there!)

Other Flea dates are: May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10 and October 8. Put at least one of these on your calendar. But seriously, try to attend as many as you can.

Spend a morning walking around with a little bag of donuts you watched them make. The taste will make you weep tears of joy. Shop for re-purposed furniture made from found treasures. Get a cocktail made with local spirits and fresh herbs from local organic gardens. Sit at a picnic table and watch the world go by.

Really, if an out-of-towner asked what is a must-do thing in Cleveland, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them it’s the Flea. Well, that and a Cleveland Indians game on a sunny Summer afternoon, but that’s another story.

Make sure you stop by our booth to say hello. We’d love to meet you.


Rich & Creamy Hand Made Soaps

It is time to spoil yourself rotten. And guess what – you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Our artisan bars of all-natural handmade soap are back in stock.

Oranges and cloves

Beautifully scented Orange Clove Shaving Soap. So rich and lathery (Yes, lathery is a word. I just made it up) your face will thank you. But just because it says shaving soap, don’t think you can’t use it as a regular body soap. This soap is full of olive oil, coconut oil, goats milk and honey so it will leave you baby soft.


Or how about my personal favorite, Goats Milk and Honey. If I’m ever forced to wash my mouth out with soap (it really could be an every-day occurrence!), I would pick this soap for the job. Delicious.


And then there’s Cherry Almond. I think I hear angels sing when I use this soap. Remember the original Jergens lotion we all used as kids. This is the same smell. Fresh, Clean. A throwback to your childhood.

All of soaps are made the old-fashioned, cold process way, by hand,  in small batches of 24. What that means for you is that we leave all the rich glycerin in the soap to moisturize your skin. Most commercial soap companies take it out to sell separately which is why many soaps can leave your skin feeling dry.

We can pay close attention to detail using ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen – olive oil, honey, oatmeal and goats milk.

Our soaps are long lasting too. Make sure you use a soap dish to keep them elevated out of sitting water.

Check out all our luscious, silky varieties. They are only $5 each.




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