When I was a kid, way back in the good old days, my grandfather liked nothing better than to pile us into a car (no air conditioning, of course) and head out to the country to buy fruit, or just see the sights. The orchards near Lake Erie were a favorite destination.

After much teasing and telling us we weren’t going to stop this time, we’d always pull into my all-time favorite little ice cream stand on Route 113 for cones, or on rare occasions, a chili dog and a chocolate milk shake.


Then it was on to countless fruit and vegetable stands. Apples, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, plums, cherries, pumpkins – each season brought its own treasure hunt. One of our stops was usually Quarry Hill Orchards in Berlin Heights.


To sit in the backseat of Grandpa’s car eating one of their apples, or a peach, as we drove through beautiful farmland, is one of my best childhood memories.

And now, four thousand years later with a grandchild of my own to take for a drive to get ice cream, we are proud to say some of our products are carried at Quarry Hill.

Lavender creamed.jpg

Drive out to get some of our lavender infused creamed honey. While you’re there, check out their large selection of items from around Ohio – pickles, jellies, maple syrup, noodles, baking mixes, popcorn, and candies to name a few.

And you certainly won’t be able to pass up their fruit.



So pile your kids into the car, or your grandkids, or your friends – heck, grab a stranger if you have to – and take a drive to “the country” to buy some fruit, pick up some honey, and indulge in an ice cream cone.

The memories you’ll create are priceless.