It’s true, Vermont and the rest of New England may get most of the glory this time of year. But I’m here to say, Northeast Ohio, you’ve got nothin’ to be ashamed of!

Spruce trees at a distance

Sure, sure … Summer can get stinkin’ hot and humid. Winter is grey and filled with snow (not that that’s a bad thing). Spring is mud. Lots and lots of mud.

But Autumn. Ahhh, Autumn in Northeast Ohio is filled with beauty.

Orange tree in fall

And one of the most beautiful places around is Holden Arboretum in Kirtland.


So many colors. Everywhere you look you think, “Now that’s my favorite view.” Then you turn around and say it again, looking in the other direction.

tree roots

But one of the best views is from the brand new Emergent Tower.

View from the  Top

The tower takes you 120 feet into the air, above the tree tops.

The Climb

And yes, I will admit to a bit of trepidation on my part as I climbed higher and higher. My life didn’t exactly flash before my eyes, but it may have meandered. And to my fellow acrophobia sufferers, I’m here to say, Let. It. Go.

The climb is worth it. The views of Lake Erie alone are worth it.

And as long as you’ve decided to live on the edge, make sure you do the Canopy Walk too.

swinging bridge

The Canopy Walk is 500 feet of swinging walkway, elevated 65 feet above the forest floor. Once you get into a rhythm, it’s kind of fun to be swaying with the trees, looking down on squirrels and other animals hanging out on the safety of the ground.

I would highly recommend a trip to this beautiful place before the leaves leave. You won’t regret any amount of time spent here.

Take that New England!